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  1. Istanbul based textile artist and set designer.

    Born in Istanbul, 1984.

    Studied advertising in Bilgi University where she preferably took classes about art history, design and creative process.

    Started her carrier as a styling assistant in advertising and fashion shootings; then evolved into a freelance set designer and art director in years. Meanwhile, has interested in crafts and video art.

    Ran a small business 'Serotonin Craft and Design' where offered products such as silkscreen printed t-shirts, crafted objects and illustrations between 2012-2014.

    By 2015, textile arts have become a main part of her interest.

    In 2018, participated in a group exhibition 'The Sun is Still There', ArtSümer, Istanbul.

    In 2020, was awarded for 'Best Art Director' by 7th Usak International Film Festival.

    In 2022, was nominated for 'Best Art Director' by 9th Usak International Film Festival.

    Still works and creates in Istanbul. Has an on-going short film project.

    Is into the concepts of time, memory, mind and their fluidity.

    Heeds ecology, animal rights and ecofeminism.